Kako izbeći greške kod pisanja biografije i propratnog pisma?



Evo nekih tips and tricks kako da napravite svoj CV

  1. Don’t use the same CV for every position

Modify or tailor your CV to fit the job you’re applying for. It’s all about selling yourself.

What’s the solution?

Customize! Each company, position and manager or recruiter reading your resume is different. So, adapt your CV for each and every position which you’re applying for. Highlight the details of your experience which are the most relevant for each opportunity.

  1. Try not to be boring

The worst thing you can do with your CV is to be boring. The rule is quite simple: If they snooze, you lose.

You snooze, you lose
Meaning: If you wait too long to do something, that opportunity may become unavailable.
The phrase can be used as a warning for events to come, or to describe past things that one has already missed. (The Free Dictionary)}

Cut out the technical jargon that the manager may not understand and any uninteresting job descriptions. Also, if you don’t include any specific results, the reader may lose interest and discard it.

What’s the solution?

Some experts offer an efficient way to create a convincing CV by using the ‘So what?’ test. Any sentence on a CV which may cause the reader to think ‘So what?’ may mean it’s irrelevant. Reword it or remove it.

3. Did you remember to write a cover letter?

If not, you’re in trouble, as a missing cover letter makes extra work for busy hiring professionals. Without a cover letter, they need to figure out which job you’re applying for and how you heard about it.

What’s the solution?

Attach a cover letter with every CV you send, including those sent by email. Example:

“Please find attached my CV for the telemarketing software sales position in your company. I spent five years doing that exact job and I would be perfect for it!”

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