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Digitalni frazalni glagoli su koji?

A phrasal verb is an expression with 2 or more words – a V (verb) and a P (particle or preposition or adverb, or either one). This lesson presents the phrases used in the digital age. Technology is a world that changes very fast and breaks many linguistic traditions, and the language of computers is informal and has many phrasal verbs, as well as many new nouns.

From the very beginning of the digital age

In 1969 the first phrasal verb was sent over the Internet: log in (ulogovati se), which means to enter a key or password in order to gain access to the computer. (Alternative phrase – to sign in to a web page.)

A computer was started by hooking up (spojiti) wire cables and then turning it on (uključiti). Back then, computers took a longer time to boot up (startovati)or prepare to run programs. It’s different nowadays. We use a set up program to install new applications on the computer, then we click on (kliknuti) the icon or image, to run a program.

When you open a program, you select commands from a menu stored in a drop down or pull down bar (padajuća lista) near the top of the screen.

To scroll up or scroll down (skrolovati) describes movement going up or down on the screen, as well as clicking on an arrow to move to the next screen.

digitalni frazalni glagoli

What about data storage and other problems?

If you don’t want a big headache, always back up (sačuvati kopiju) your files, or copy files and folders to another location, such as an external disk drive. Also, you can print out (odštampati) emails.

Nowadays, there is a problem with cybercriminals who can enter a computer without authorization, as they hack into (hakerisati) a network. In fact, hackers can wipe out (izbrisati) , or erase, information, or make computer systems stop working or go down (isključiti se).

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Annoyed by ads?

Internet ads pop up (iskočiti) on the screen over a web page. Also, there are so many email ads called spam that many people filter out messages from advertisers. If you’re sick and tired of all the spam, you can always get off the grid or go offline (biti van mreže). We’re sure it won’t take long until you go online (povezati se na mrežu, biti onlajn) again.

digitalni frazalni glagoli


Digitalni frazalni glagoli = digitalna komunikacija!

*Digitalni frazalni glagoli nisu budućnost već sadašnjost!


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